the homestead we bought in Spring 2022
our new homestead will grow start in summer 2022
our current homestead
view from the yard of the old homestead to the place where the new buildings will grow

Leonhard Ambrosius Tierschutzverein

Remember a safe place ,  full with trust and  love and respect.

The beginning of a lifelong friendship.


In the middle of natur surrounded by mountains, not far from Arandelovac, is the newly created Refuge for our furfriends. We actually purchased 3 hectar of land for our Sanctuary.


Running a Rescue doesn´t just mean taking donations while picking dogs up in public shelters or from the streets. It doesnt mean locking them up in cages waiting for someone to adopt them and love them. But sadly so many Rescues do just that.

The question is wether its better living a life on streets while throwing away from irresponsible owners or dying in shelters without food, healthcare and love.

Love, thats all these dogs ever want.

Taking them in our care is a responsibility and privilege we dont take easy. 

As soon as a dog is in our responsibility we will do everything to give them the best life with love and respect, even if its just for one day.

We are changing the face of saving and protecting and finding new families for them, we are changing the face of rescue by our standarts of care. No matter how old or sick they are, or unwanted and unloved.

We promissed right from the beginning making their lifes better right now and not waiting until adoption for them to start living. Its all about living in "a now" and a quality of life.

If you believe in what we do and trust in our work help us make the word for these dogs a little bit better.

Our work is not just places in this Area so our work is spreaded in other countries like Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Hungaria just to name some of them.



Our dream from a better world

Imagine there is a place, where dogs who got rescued can calm down and find the love they never had in life, but they do so much deserve.


Imagine this place just filled with love and respect will show these beautiful dogs that there is a world outside, where they will find loving homes and be part of a familly.


Imagine this dream is going to become real as we started in Spring 2022 to fulfill this dream for our soules who are still outside in danger.


Join us and help us to make this dream come true.



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