Our Mission at the Leonhard Ambrosius Sanctuary

Ivan the heart and soul of our work

Leonhard Ambrosius, die Schutzpatrone der Hunde . 

Als eingetragener Verein mit der Genehmigung zum Führen eines Tierheims nach den gesetzlichen Vorgaben unter Aufsicht der Veterinärbehörden erhalten wir keinerlei finanzielle staatliche Unterstützung. 

Das Anwesen und der Bau wurden aus unseren privaten Familienvermögen gebaut.

Für die Unterhaltung sind wir daher auf jede erdenkliche Hilfe angewiesen.


Sie können direkt unter unserem Paypalaccount spenden oder direkt bei der Raiffeisenbank in Arandelovac





Our mission is to provide our fury friends a home in a loving and health living room setting.  We want to change the way the humans see animals. They are not a product to throw away in the trash.

While retired form the Hessian Government and still working in jobs for money, it is able to spend all our donations to 100% in our Rescue.

Our dogs are not only family, they are our lifeline, a fullfilment of our longlasting dream.

Nothing made more sense then starting this Rescue and putting all of our heartblood in making this dream come true.

Of course with even addition of dogs and construction came the possibility and the reduty of increased bills.

And often Chris and Ivan dip into their own pockets ad pay once again from their personal finances.

But its all worth for the dogs in our care. 

We never would want to miss just one day.

Why so many puppies

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Feeding our loved strays in town Christmas 2022


puppy on his way home from the street

This puppy was found on the street in April 2023 on Bukulja in Arandelovac in the middle of nowhere.

Never we would let a dog in need on the streets, so not this day.

This little soul is save now in our place, waiting to get ready findig a loving home.

Bentley in hell, the last moment before we saved his life

The call arrived at the last day in Februar 2023. Three dogs in the middle of nowhere.

This was the impression when we arrived. Bentley, Taylor and Brandon, skinny and bones.

Read their stories and support us to save more dogs like them that this abuse will have an end.

housetraining before going home

Our dogs in their last weeks before they left for their loving families. They all where rescued from the street or from people who dont deserve having such beautiful partners at their side.

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